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We understand organizations are only as good as the people who work within them and hence we believe in taking the time to understand each of our Clientele, their requirements and deliver as per their expectation. We provide flexible, cost-effective staffing solutions to our clients so that they can focus on what they do best.

Understanding the needs of the employer and jobseeker, we bring them together. Organizations continuously need additional dedicated resources for immediate project requirements. We provide reliable and skilled workforce. We start by understanding the attributes the candidate should possess for the job and then identify, screen and select the right person.

Backed by experienced HR professionals, we deliver as per our client’s requirements / projects. We work with our clients to identify the temp associate and take the selected associate on our payroll. We adhere to all administrative, HR activities and statutory compliance related to temp associates. We handle on-boarding, payroll, benefits (PF / ESI), workmen’s compensation, and insurances etc, while the operational and performance related aspects are monitored by our clients.

If your organization requires flexible industrial workforce, we offer a broad range of services related to Temporary Associates that meet your job criteria.

We provide HR Services to various sectors including:







Supply Chain & Logistics




Statutory Compliances are an important part of good Corporate Governance. Privilege HR establishes and adopts strict compliance standards.

Objectives of compliances of all the applicable legal provisions, rules and regulations are to have –

Ethical conduct of affairs.

Avoidance of undue advantage to the related parties.

Safeguarding the employees and enterprise from un-toward risks by managing and consulting on issues such as retrial benefits and taxation.

Safeguarding the interest of Nation, State, Local Bodies and people of India

Privilege HR commits 100% statutory compliance to all concerned parties such as employees, clients, state & central governments, local statutory bodies etc.

Our strong focus and ability on Statutory Management and Statutory Compliances in HR has enabled us to develop a highly sophisticated infrastructure designed to manage diverse requirements of our clients across India. This infrastructure consists of a team of legal and labour law experts, who possess the relevant academic and practical knowledge to address every aspect of Indian Law.

Privilege HR will ensure that your organization is 100% compliant with these regulations through the provision of the following services.

We at Privilege HR commit to our clients the best available Human Capital to be aligned with your organisational goals.

We understand the importance of Human resources and how their KSA will impact your organisation. The same is reflected in our approach.

Tie–up with various institutes to make sure that competent resources are available at the given time.

Large database of candidates built over long period of time

Screening candidates at our level

Understand behavioural patterns and Technical competency

Thorough understanding of candidates background as it ensures better stability during employment.

How do we do it?

We at Privilege HR , thrive on this type of challenge. We utilize our staff and our resources to achieve the clients’ goals. We design different programs to meet this objective and ensure volume, quality and retention management. It is our objective to consistently exceed our clients’ expectations by continuing to offer customised recruitment solutions, enabling our clients to focus only on their core business.

Mass Recruitment is a different ball game, We understand that it is usually during peak periods when you require dedicated staffers to meet the ever changing challenges. At Privilege HR we remain flexible and eager to obtain the necessary mass recruitment mandates.

We strive to create a seamless process for the client. We are extremely confident of delivering effective recruitment solutions backed by our experience and systems.

Any Company, no matter small or big, needs to have its payroll computed every month.

Why payroll should be outsourced?

By outsourcing payroll computation and management companies can :

Minimize Risk : Doing in-house activities on your own is tiresome and hazardous. You'll quickly discover that there are many confusing things to track, including forms to locate, tax tables to update, reports to submit, and payments to make. You'll enter a jungle of unknown deadlines, unforgiving rules, and agencies that won't help you. And when you make a mistake, you'll probably get a tax penalty.

Leverage your time : Do what you do best with your scarce time and energy and outsource the rest; your business will benefit. Small business advisers agree: struggling with statutory compliance's is a distraction that takes your energy away from more useful activities. Create and grow your business. Pass the headaches on to someone else.

High Value : Outsourced job is a bargain. Why spend hours doing jobs by yourself when you can get help doing it in at a very low price? With the time you save and the accuracy you gain. As a general rule, Outsourcing services are a good investment compared to doing in-house by yourself

Eliminate Software Hassles : You skip the hassle of software updates. Leave the updates to the Outsourcing Company. The service provider is always up to date with the latest amendment.

Reliability : You'll never again worry about losing the employee

What we do

We manage your payroll and human resources administration so that you can focus on growing your business.

We ensure statutory payroll compliance PAN India.

Whatever your size, type of organisation, and geographical footprint, you can rely on us to be your trusted business partner and a single point of accountability.

We maintain data accuracy, daily backup and audit continuously.

While acquiring new client our concentration is on ‘Outputs’, since it is a true value of the system. Reports/dashboard are considered first, not last.